Automating GRC To Increase Business Value with ITGRC

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GRC is neither a project nor a technology, but a corporate objective for improving governance through more-effective compliance and a better understanding of the impact of risk on business performance. In this webinar, we'll discuss best practices for GRC, and how to leverage your program to increase business value.

Speakers: Matt Kunkel, LogicGate, James Rice, Greenlight Technologies, and Allan Liska, Recorded Future

To address this challenge, many businesses are opting for an automated GRC (eGRC) solution, which aims to resolve the challenges associated with scattered and disconnected operational security processes through the centralization of data, alignment of processes and workflows, and clear enterprise-level visibility with trend and analysis metrics and reporting. The benefits of Automating GRC are substantial when businesses have a mature GRC program in place. Attend this expert CPE webinar to gain insights on:

  • Understanding the GRC Business Drivers.
  • Defining Your GRC Strategy.
  • Developing a GRC Roadmap that is aligned with the Mission, Value, and Strategic Agenda of Your Business.
  • Getting Leadership Support and Enabling Cross-Departmental Collaboration.

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