Assessing the Costs and Benefits of ERM: An Inquisition

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of ERM eBook

Every project must be analyzed from both cost and benefit perspectives, and building a technology-enabled ERM program in The Risk Cloud™️ is no different. It gets tricky when timing, upfront costs, and indirect benefits combine to make accurate forecasting difficult.

This eBook offers clarity by prescribing not a precise method for calculations, but rather the right questions executives need to ask before embarking on the project. Download the eBook and learn how to:

  • Articulate a strategy for your ERM program
  • Bring the right stakeholders to the table
  • Understand the non-monetary costs and benefits of an ERM program
  • Sell the program to board members and executives
  • Understand how The Risk Cloud™️ can power your long-term strategy
  • Much more

Download the eBook

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