[Video] Policy & Procedure Management with Risk Cloud

The Risk Cloud™️ for Policy Management gives you the power to automate routine compliance activities. It's like having a personal assistant to help manage your mission-critical risks.

Video Transcript:

Every company has standard Policies and Procedures, but often they cause something else: PROBLEMS.

Policies are important, of course. They keep the company on the right track—but managing these rules is usually easier said than done.

Why is this?

For one, employees may not all be working from the same policy information. Second, the policy drafting, review, and approval steps may not be standardized across functions—creating a patchwork of inconsistent guidelines.

Then once policies are established, they’re scattered in difficult-to-find places, leaving employees in the lurch when they need them the most.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

LogicGate’s Policy and Procedure management platform pulls your company’s polici into one central platform. Employees only access the most current policy versions that will be used across all business units and processes. When policies are updated, they’re updated everywhere—so your Regulatory, Controls, Compliance, and Risk teams all have their eyes on the right information.

Creating new policies begins with a standard, streamlined workflow, from initial drafting to final approvals. Quickly add employee attestation steps to make sure the right people are in-the-know. Create custom tags and unique field captures using our drag-and-drop form builder, so your end users can quickly access and complete their work. You can set also automatic reminders to ensure policies get reviewed on a periodic basis.   

That’s LogicGate’s Policy and Procedure Management Platform. Request a demo today.

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