[Video] Enterprise Risk Management with Risk Cloud

The Risk Cloud™️ puts you at the center of all Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes. Customizable apps empower collaboration across departments to accurately define, monitor, and remediate risks as your business grows.

Video Transcript:

Your company has risks. Do you know what they are? Just as important, do you know where they are?

Risk information, mitigation activities, assessments, and scores might be scattered around your organization, hidden in spreadsheets and emails. Maybe you have to chase people down just to find it. Then when you do find it, it’s not in the format you need.

If any of these describe you, you aren’t managing your Enterprise Risks as well as you could be. 

LogicGate’s Enterprise Risk Management Solution consolidates your organization’s Risk Management program into one central platform.

From Risk management to Audit to Compliance, your teams won’t have to leave the platform to manage your company’s risks. LogicGate makes it easy to pull in multiple control frameworks, so they will always be working from one standardized set of controls and activities. They will collaborate and exchange information seamlessly, such as tracking mitigations or following up on assessments.

When the board comes asking for an enterprise risk report, you’ll be ready. LogicGate gives you the power to capture, consolidate, and present data about your company’s risk profile in a single snapshot—as well as plans for what you’re going to do about it. 

With LogicGate, you’ll streamline and automate your entire program and every process that lives within it, from identifying and assessing risks to monitoring risk scores over time. Best of all, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution—it’s a flexible tool that grows and adapts with your program. 

It’s time to take the risk out of your Enterprise Risk Management. Schedule a demo today.