Integrate, Automate & Scale Your GRC Program

Unlock the full power of your tech stack and gain better visibility into business risk with native and custom integrations from LogicGate Risk Cloud®. We’ll help you bring all of your governance, risk, and compliance processes into one, connected ecosystem so you can save time and maximize value from your tech investments.


Three Ways to Connect Your Ecosystem.

Risk Cloud seamlessly integrates with the technology you use everyday to execute your most important governance, risk, and compliance tasks. There are three ways to integrate your tech stack with Risk Cloud and keep your business in sync:

  1. Native integrations: These no-code integrations are available to all customers and include popular tools like Jira, Slack, and Microsoft 365.
  2. Custom integrations: Save time and automate common tasks with pre- and custom-built integrations inside Risk Cloud. 
  3. Open RESTful API integrations: Connect to any platform – your way – using our Open RESTful API

Whether your team needs to create tasks directly from Slack or collaborate with technical teams in Jira, Risk Cloud integrations make it easy to collaborate and connect across platforms and tools.

Risk Cloud’s Most Popular Integrations

For Improving Collaboration & Ticketing

Tracking, prioritizing, and collaborating on tasks, bugs, and requests can be difficult when working across teams. Improve collaboration and efficiently manage your tasks with ticketing integrations like Jira and Asana.

For Improving Collaboration & Ticketing
For Incident Response Management & Communication

For Incident Response Management & Communication

Managing incidents quickly and efficiently can get complicated when emails get lost or key team members are out of the office. Bring the communication tools you’re already using into your processes with integrations like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

For Automating Data Analysis

Analyzing and visualizing data can be a manual and time consuming task. Automatically receive trusted data from multiple platforms and set up your reports your way with integrations like Power BI, Splunk, and

For Automating Data Analysis
For Streamlining Workflows & Documentation

For Streamlining Workflows & Documentation

Keeping track of multiple vendor contracts and detailed process documents gets difficult as your tech stack and organization grows. Streamline the process by maintaining a single, centralized location for all documents with integrations like Google Suite, Microsoft Office, and DocuSign.

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Enjoy The Freedom Of Customization

Risk Cloud comes loaded with many out-of-the-box integrations to help you connect every part of your tech stack. If you can’t find the integrations you need on Risk Cloud Exchange, our team can create a custom integration built for your environment, or you can build your own with our Open RESTful API or Zapier.


Integrate over 2,000 web-based applications with Zapier. Zapier is natively integrated with Risk Cloud so you can connect to your choice of applications via self-configured triggers and actions.


Need to build a complex integration? LogicGate’s Open RESTful API makes it easy for your internal IT team to build integrations to your specifications.

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