[Live Demo] The Power of Reporting Insight & Data Visualization in LogicGate’s Risk Cloud

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Whether it’s staying on top of a staff analyst’s upcoming deadline or displaying concise cost-saving metrics to an Executive Leadership team—Risk Cloud can support a variety of unique requirements.

In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of the reporting capabilities within LogicGate’s Risk Cloud. The objective of this session is twofold. First, we will showcase the intuitive report builder which empowers teams to build their own metrics and key performance indicators from the information captured in Risk Cloud. Then, we will highlight valuable reports and dashboards that are frequently used by LogicGate customers in quarterly board meetings.

Learn how to glean reporting insights through connected applications. For example, let’s say two separate teams are managing Assets and Controls in the Risk Cloud platform. By establishing a connection between Assets & Controls, this allows for consolidated reports whereby control gaps or remediation plans can be prioritized by asset criticality. Control owners can efficiently coordinate a mitigation plan with the corresponding asset owner.

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