Move Fast and Stay Safe with Holistic AI Governance in Risk Cloud®

Risk Cloud’s AI Governance Solution is purpose-built to accelerate AI technology adoption and innovation while ensuring compliance with policies and regulators. It seamlessly integrates data and workflows across your cyber, compliance, policy, and third-party risk management programs to identify, assess, and mitigate AI risks across your extended enterprise.

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Scale AI Innovation and Drive Accountability

Scale AI Innovation and Drive Accountability

Responsibly implement AI technology with out-of-the-box workflows to document and assess new AI use cases and models across your organization. Ensure the correct stakeholders are involved and responsible for bringing new AI tools into the enterprise tech stack while aligning to policies and compliance requirements.

Stay Competitive, Agile, and Compliant

Prepare for new and emerging regulations and standards like EU AI Act and NIST AI RMF by linking AI use cases to related assessments, risks, controls, and policies. Risk Cloud’s configurable AI Governance Solution scales across risk domains and teams so you can stay agile in highly regulated, rapidly evolving markets and confidently take the right AI risks.

Stay Competitive, Agile, and Compliant
Inform Risk Decisions and Save Time

Inform Risk Decisions and Save Time

Risk Cloud’s AI Governance Solution combines holistic AI governance workflows with AI-powered capabilities like automated policy generation and risk data summarization to help teams do more with less. Governed by LogicGate’s own AI Working Group, these new, opt-in capabilities help you maximize resource efficiency — without compromising on program expectations or outputs. Use Risk Cloud’s AI Use Case Management Application to assess implementation risks, then boost team productivity with Risk Cloud AI.

Meet Your AI Governance Solution

Holistically govern AI technology and enable safe innovation with scalable workflow automation and reporting in Risk Cloud.

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