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Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Solutions for Medical Device Companies

Medical device companies like yours develop increasingly advanced healthcare technologies every year. All the while, you face a minefield of regulatory requirements imposed both in the United States and abroad. To remain compliant and mitigate risks, you need to take broad, proactive steps to manage critical threat profiles. LogicGate's technology allows forward-looking companies to stay compliant in today's environment while keeping an eye to the future.

LogicGate for the Medical Devices Industry


Stay Compliant with Regulatory Bodies Worldwide

From the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), numerous agencies around the world impose their own sets of regulations on medical device companies. LogicGate helps keep your organization on the right side of these regulations.


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Stay Compliant with Regulatory Bodies Worldwide
Manage Risk Across the Product Lifecycle


Manage Risk Across the Product Lifecycle

As more and more sophisticated medical technologies emerge, more risks are presented throughout the product lifecycle — from the long R&D lead times all the way to delivery of care. The result is an array of threats that are both broad and granular, requiring help from LogicGate's platform to systematically manage and control.


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Manage Risks Associated with Critical Vendors

Your risks don't lie with you alone. They're also spread across your relationships with each of your key third-party vendors. LogicGate helps improve transparency in your supply chain, building accountability into your third-party network, and ultimately helping to ensure product safety.


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Manage Risks Associated with Critical Vendors
  • "With LogicGate, we have been able to streamline our risk assessment process and equip business owners with the information they need to assess and mitigate risks on their own, with only consulting support from the risk and compliance function. Additionally, we are able to centralize our risk scoring data so we can report on total risk exposure by business function."

    - Head of Risk and Compliance, Healthcare

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