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Measure, track, and report on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives to show stakeholders progress and results. Risk Cloud®’s ESG Solution improves visibility of ESG-related risks, assesses the impact of your ESG initiatives, and tracks performance across the seven key areas outlined in ISO 26000 to evaluate your program’s effectiveness over time.

Measure, Track, and Report on Your Organization’s ESG Goals and Initiatives

Measure, Track, and Report on Your Organization’s ESG Goals and Initiatives

Risk Cloud®’s Environmental & Social Impact Analysis Application improves visibility into ESG-related risks and initiatives by streamlining tracking and reporting in one centralized platform. Assess risks and the impact of ESG initiatives with pre-defined, configurable scoring assessments that are automatically assigned to relevant business owners at your preferred cadence. Each ESG initiative is assigned an overall score to help you measure and report on the business impact of your program.

Align Corporate Social Responsibility Goals to ISO 26000 Guidelines

Assess and score your organization’s commitment to the seven core key areas outlined in ISO 26000 with Risk Cloud’s Corporate Social Responsibility Application. Working with your stakeholders, you’ll identify relevant core subjects and issues, link them to related ESG initiatives, and assess the impact of those initiatives by automatically sending surveys to your internal and external stakeholders.

Align Corporate Social Responsibility Goals to ISO 26000 Guidelines
Build Stakeholder Support With Value-Based Reporting

Build Stakeholder Support With Value-Based Reporting

Validate your organization’s commitment to its environmental and social values and initiatives with pre-built dashboards and reports. Risk Cloud centralizes reporting across every initiative to help you track and share important ESG metrics like risk impact, initiatives by overall impact score, changes in ISO 26000 subject ratings over time, and employee satisfaction with your program.

Your Environmental, Social & Governance Program Toolbox

Build trust with stakeholders and effectively communicate your organization's values with Risk Cloud’s Environmental, Social & Governance Solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add additional Applications, integrations, or services to this solution? icon

Yes! With dozens of risk management Applications and 100s of integration capabilities, the Risk Cloud platform can help you centralize and streamline risk management across your enterprise, eliminating data silos, improving cross-team collaboration, and helping you make more strategic decisions. Request a demo today to explore holistic risk management solutions for your organization.

What is ISO 26000? icon

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 167 national standards bodies. Its ISO 26000 standard clarifies what social responsibility is and helps you translate ESG principles into meaningful action following global best practices.

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