Automating Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

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Automating Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

Many corporations haven’t adopted automation in their third-party risk management programs. The lack of automation adoption can be traced to a few core reasons. Disparate systems, out-of-date data, and inconsistent policies can all stifle a company’s ability to modernize their third-party risk management program, and companies often suffer from more than one of these. When applied effectively, automation can not only help prevent these roadblocks; it can also drive the efficiencies procurement and compliance leaders are looking for.Join this CPE accredited panel webinar as our expert panel address some key steps to automating third-party risk management, including how to:

-Manage an up-to-date vendor master to create one source of truth across the entire corporation,
-Leverage automation and machine learning to standardize data governance,
-Drive efficiencies and reduces costs, while ensuring the highest accuracy in your third-party risk management program.