LogicGate's 2024 DEIB Report

DEIB Report - Option 1 (1)

We are proud of the accomplishments and progress we’ve made in continuing creating an inclusive culture and know that this work does not have an ‘end’ date - it is a continuous and evolving journey!

At LogicGate, our values are at the heart of everything we do. Our efforts on creating an inclusive culture are directly linked to our values, the employee experience, and driving business outcomes.  We’re excited to share our 2024 DEIB Report, which reflects the work done in 2023 to foster an inclusive work environment and ways we will continue to invest in and prioritize DEIB.  This report highlights our 2024 workforce demographics, and provides a holistic look at our three focus areas moving forward into 2024; Increase and Expand Diversity in Our Workforce, Foster and Maintain an Inclusive and Equitable Culture, and Integrate Our DEIB Mission into the External LogicGate Experience.