[Video] Controls Management with Risk Cloud

The Risk Cloud™️ platform provides full visibility of your controls in one responsive toolkit.

Video Transcript:

Do your company’s risks, controls, and control assessments live in one place? 

Or do you have to search for them every time you need them? Does it vacuum up valuable time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere?

LogicGate’s Controls Management Solution gives your Risk and Control Owners a break from the disorganized mess of spreadsheets, email, and documents.

With LogicGate, they’ll be working from one central hub, where they’ll work from industry standard control frameworks or your internally developed control sets.

They won’t have to leave LogicGate to manage control activities. Your team will monitor controls assessments, gather evidence, and much more, right in the platform. They’ll seamlessly collaborate and share information, such as tracking findings or triggering automatic emails when an assessment is kicked off. When the right people are notified of updates in the moment, they’ll always be working with the correct, most current information. No more emailing back-and-forth or duplicating work.

Since the entire program lives in one place, owners can easily monitor assessment performance over time. They’ll be able to measure control effectiveness and find deficiencies in order to make sure the right work is being done on schedule. If control gaps are found, they can initiate corrective action workflows to ensure steps are taken to address the deficiencies. 

Your tasks, questionnaires, and reminder notifications, all customized to match your unique process and keep owners accountable.

It’s time to take control over your controls. Request a demo today.

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