Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platform for Software Companies

Few industries move and change as rapidly as computer software. To keep up with the ever-shifting regulatory tides, your SaaS company needs a GRC compliance tool that can help you run a tight ship. With LogicGate, you'll manage your risk and regulatory compliance program with full control and transparency.

LogicGate for the Software Industry


Centralize Your Risk Management

Not only are your risks complex, they can change with every new product feature, performance enhancement, or variation in your competitive environment. LogicGate's platform helps your software firm develop a centralized system for identifying key risks and ensuring all aspects of your business are in compliance with the required standards.

Centralize Your Risk Management
Protect Your Software Business From Cyberthreats


Protect Your Software Business From Cyberthreats

LogicGate can help you identify and mitigate the vulnerabilities your company faces before they're exploited by cybercriminals. Recognize security gaps, shore up defense measures, and put response protocols in place to help solidify the safety of your business.


Stay Proactive Against Risks

Whether your company is a fledgling startup or an established enterprise, your risk profile is bound to change as you progress through stages of growth. Staying nimble is no easy feat — but LogicGate can help you implement an effective GRC management program that keeps you one step ahead of threats.

Stay Proactive Against Risks
  • "The best part about LogicGate is the flexibility it provides fast-paced organizations to implement new processes and adapt as the company continues to change and grow. The other big advantage of LogicGate is that it was very easy to customize the platform to fit our risk framework and scoring methodology, rather than having to adjust our framework to fit the tool, which would have been the case with several GRC platforms on the market today."

    - Head of Risk and Compliance, Computer Software

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