Streamline and Automate Policy Management

From drafting, reviewing, and approving policies to tracking employee attestations, Risk Cloud® helps you streamline and automate every aspect of your policy management program. Quickly identify and correct compliance gaps as they emerge and remediate policy violations year-round.

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Automate Your  Policy Acknowledgment Processes

Automate Your Policy Acknowledgment Processes

As new employees join your organization or your policies and procedures change, Risk Cloud’s Policy Management Solution automates your entire policy acknowledgment and compliance process. Share the right policies with the right employees at the right time – every time. Risk Cloud automates policy updates and notifications with the tools your team uses every day to ensure compliance with your organization’s policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.

Streamline Policy Writing, Review, and Revisions

Save time by automatically generating new policies with Risk Cloud’s OpenAI integration, then accelerate approval with built-in workflows that notify reviewers. Improve collaboration and change management across teams with a shared document repository that syncs with leading document storage platforms like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 with the option to view revision history from any point in time.

Streamline Policy Writing, Review, and Revisions
Dynamically Connect Policies to Control Frameworks

Dynamically Connect Policies to Control Frameworks

Link your policies and acceptance workflows to control frameworks inside any Risk Cloud Application. As control requirements change, you’ll have the visibility you need to identify compliance gaps, revise related policies, and automate the entire policy review and acceptance process to ensure compliance.

Track Policy Acknowledgments and Revision Status

Quickly gauge compliance with any policy or procedure with pre-built reports and dashboards inside Risk Cloud. The Policy Management Solution includes several ready-to-use reports to help you track active policies, employee acknowledgment status, policy revision stage, and more.

Track Policy Acknowledgments and Revision Status

Your Policy Management Toolbox

Everything you need to automate and streamline your policy management program in one connected platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add additional Applications, integrations, or services to this solution? icon

Yes! With dozens of risk management Applications and 100s of integration capabilities, the Risk Cloud platform can help you centralize and streamline risk management across your enterprise to eliminate data silos, improve cross-team collaboration, and help you make more strategic decisions. Request a demo today to explore holistic risk management solutions for your organization.

What are the benefits of implementing Risk Cloud’s Policy Management Solution? icon

The core benefits of Risk Cloud’s Policy Management Solution are visibility, effectiveness, and efficiency. Connecting policy changes directly to your controls compliance program ensures your organization remains compliant with regulations as requirements change. Other benefits can include:

  • Reduction in time spent on policy review and approval
  • Reduction in incident response and resolution time
  • Stronger adherence to policies and procedures across your enterprise

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