LogicGate Case Study: Intradiem

Intradiem needed help with a number of its GRC processes, from ISO and SOC2 controls to Business Continuity Planning. It was a tall order, and LogicGate delivered.



Intradiem provides Intelligent Automation solutions for customer service teams.


Managing and tracking risk and information security data in emails and spreadsheets manually.


  1. Previously an audit took three full weeks and with Risk Cloud it took three days
  2. The Intradiem team can add templates, customize them, and implement them on their own
LocationGeorgia, United States

Employees: 51-250


Intradiem helps customer service call centers run more smoothly and effectively through technology called Contact Center Automation. More than 230,000 frontline workers use Intradiem’s solution every day at call centers for companies such as Aetna, Macy’s, and Citi.

Today, Intradiem manages several information security processes through the LogicGate platform, including ISO 27002 and SOC 2 controls, IT Security reviews of third parties, Business Continuity Planning, and Policy & Procedure Management complete with employee attestations. Each process helps Intradiem protect what’s most important: the trust and information of its clients.

Before LogicGate, the company handled these operations the way a lot of companies do: manually through emails and spreadsheets. The methods were safe and got the job done, but lacked a systematic, centralized approach. In January 2018, Intradiem hired Kurdeen Karim and assigned her the monumental task of implementing a more robust program.

“LogicGate cuts down immensely on the time it takes to complete financial and compliance audits.” — Kurdeen Karim, Director Of DevSec Ops

Life Before LogicGate

At the time of Kurdeen’s hiring, Intradiem was looking for comprehensive technology to manage the company’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) processes. Specifically, the company needed ISO Certification, an international standard that demonstrates a company’s ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. More generally, it was also looking for a robust compliance program that could reduce risk, offer improved visibility and accountability, and create efficiencies through automation.

Finding a new system and selling it internally were the jobs that fell to Kurdeen. She also needed to oversee the implementation. Moreover, she needed to do it almost entirely on her own. “When we hired Kurdeen, we needed someone who could come in and make an immediate impact. We had all these requirements we needed to comply with, and we needed a system to handle it all. She had her work cut out for her,” says Kevin Wilson, Intradiem’s Chief Technology Officer.

LogicGate Steps Up to the Plate

After evaluating various compliance software programs on the market, Kurdeen selected LogicGate as the right partner to help her achieve her goal. The partnership officially began in January of 2018. Kurdeen and her team were working with some tight deadlines on the Intradiem side, so time was of the essence. Teams from both companies immediately got to work.

LogicGate configured Intradiem’s initial processes for ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 risk assessments. LogicGate also mapped the control environment, set up a workflow, and enabled easy tracking and reporting.

The Intradiem team, after a few hours of training by Customer Success Manager Szuyin Leow, used LogicGate’s workflow builder to tailor process templates to their unique requirements, creating five additional processes. They now manage a robust program, including several information security processes such as SOC2 compliance, IT Security reviews of third parties, and Policy & Procedure Management with employee attestations. LogicGate also mapped SOC2 to ISO controls, normally an extremely time-consuming process when done manually.

The Intradiem team is also well prepared to add additional templates, customize them, and implement them within the platform when needed—all without coding experience or additional implementation costs required. “I liked the product, ease of use,” says Kurdeen. “We also enjoyed the personal connection we had with [Account Executive] Danny Hartman and the rest of the LogicGate team, particularly Szuyin. She was a dream come true.”

Proving Value

Before partnering with LogicGate, a prospective Intradiem client performed an audit on the company’s Information Security processes, evaluating compliance with ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and other standards. The audit took three full weeks.

Several months later, a Fortune 500 company came in to audit Intradiem for the same purpose. By this time the Intradiem team was fully up to speed with LogicGate, and the audit took only three days. The client’s security team came away impressed. That company is now Intradiem’s largest client, with 20,000 users of their software.

“I couldn’t have done it without Szuyin and LogicGate,” Kurdeen asserts.

Remember that bit about Kurdeen having to do this all on her own? Thanks to LogicGate, she did. In fact, she would have needed to hire a full-time analyst to handle the workload that LogicGate automated for her.

“With my laptop open, I was able to easily demonstrate the process documentation, supporting evidence, and an audit record of approvals. It was so easy,” she says, adding: “LogicGate cuts down immensely on the time it takes to complete financial and compliance audits.” Today, Kurdeen is Director of DevSec Ops after a promotion, and Intradiem is a happy customer of LogicGate’s. “LogicGate is one of the single best investments we have made.”

Use Cases

  • ISO 27002 Controls
  • SOC 2 controls
  • Third Party IT Security Reviews
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Policy & Procedure Management

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