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Don’t Lose Sleep Over Data Privacy Regulations

We’ve all had that nightmare. The one where you wake up in a cold sweat because you dreamt customer data was hacked and all your customers turned against you. The financial and reputational repercussions of a data leak can be catastrophic. But keeping up with national and state data privacy regulations can make your head spin. Get peace of mind — and sleep better at night — with Risk Cloud®. With our flexible solutions, you can start from anywhere and add more frameworks and processes as your GRC program matures. Helping you stay on top of changing regulations that apply to your business, so it’s easy to hang the “privacy please” sign on all your systems.

Data Privacy Applications

One-stop Shop for Data Privacy Compliance: The ready-to-use Data Privacy Applications within the Risk Cloud platform allow you to apply relevant rules to your processes and adapt those rules as your business grows. Choose the Applications that best meet your business’s needs, customize the workflows, then lock up customer data and throw away the key — or maybe just put it in a really good hiding spot. 


If you have customers, distributors, partners, or vendors in Europe, then GDPR applies to you. Avoid fines and make sure your business is compliant with GDPR with three Risk Cloud Applications: GDPR: Breach Notification and Management, GDPR: Data Processing Activities & DPIAs, and GDPR: Data Subject Access Request Portal.

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California sets the bar high when it comes to data privacy. If you meet California regulations, you’re likely good elsewhere. Make sure your business meets CCPA regulations with CCPA: Consumer Data Handling Request Portal and CCPA: Data Processing Activities.

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Data Privacy Controls Frameworks

Don’t reinvent the wheel — it works just fine. Access industry-standard control sets and frameworks in Risk Cloud’s Controls Repository. Then link the controls or frameworks to any Application in Risk Cloud.

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