[Video] Compliance Management with Risk Cloud

With The Risk Cloud™️ Compliance Management solution, you'll keep your team in sync, on top of tasks, and ahead of deadlines.

Video Transcript:

Compliance tasks have a funny habit of slipping through the cracks. 

Do the following sound like your company? 

  • Compliance duties are spread throughout your business, and come due at different times of the year 
  • Employees don’t have a central place where they can keep track of all their requirements, status updates, and owners—if they know who is responsible for them in the first place. 
  • You fear missing a compliance deadline because it will impact the business and your job
  • Deadlines become fire drills: owners chase people through email, phone, smoke signal—whatever it takes to get their sign-off. 

With LogicGate, you can escape the compliance confusion spiral and your fear of missing a deadline.  The platform pulls all compliance tasks into one central system. 

Task owners can set automatic email reminders and task notifications based on predetermined frequencies, so assigned stakeholders are kept in the loop and held accountable. All parties understand task statuses, from the time they’re generated to the time they’re completed.

Within the LogicGate Reporting Suite, managers can take a step back and check on the overall status of the compliance program. Here, they’ll get the big-picture snapshot of tasks, organized by status, owner, and when they are due.

From automated notifications to monthly reports, LogicGate puts you in the cockpit of your compliance program. Request a demo today.

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