Automate and Advance Your GRC Strategy with Risk Cloud® AI

Risk Cloud AI accelerates GRC program outcomes with time-saving technology and intelligent recommendations embedded across the platform. All features prioritize your privacy and trust with an opt-in approach to implementation so you can responsibly implement AI to automate manual and repetitive tasks.

Safely Integrate with OpenAI and Boost GRC Program Efficiency

Safely Integrate with OpenAI and Boost GRC Program Efficiency

Quickly generate policy documents and summarize business-critical risk information with ChatGPT and Risk Cloud in just a few clicks. The OpenAI Risk Cloud Connector integrates with purpose-built Applications like Policy & Procedure Management and Enterprise Risk Management so you can:

  • Automate and improve policy creation
  • Create and share summaries of critical risks, controls, and mitigations
  • Identify and inform risk mitigation improvement opportunities

Coming Soon: Risk Cloud AI Text Assistant

Improve program efficiencies and outcomes with rapidly generated user guidance and mitigations. The Risk Cloud AI Text Assistant helps your team:

  • Accelerate resolution time with AI-recommended mitigations.
  • Improve questionnaire and assessment completion rates with AI-generated form guidance.
  • Save time and communicate more effectively with clear and concise AI-generated stakeholder notifications.
Coming Soon: Risk Cloud AI Text Assistant
Coming Soon: AI Controls Mapping

Coming Soon: AI Controls Mapping

Streamline, scale, and mature your compliance program by automatically mapping controls across your Risk Cloud Controls Repository with AI analysis and recommendations. These recommendations allow you to easily map your internal controls to standard frameworks and seamlessly manage changes to mappings as internal controls change.

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