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Your First Line of Defense for Third-Party Relationships

We’re here to talk about “the big R.” Relationships. Whether it’s the cleaning crew that keeps your office safe, the top supplier of parts for your product, or the incredible GRC solution vendor that helps you transform risk (wink), third-party relationships keep your business moving forward. But they also present risks. Managing a strong vendor risk management program in Risk Cloud® allows you to control those risks. Creating robust, repeatable, and flexible processes — then linking to related data and workflows pertaining to each vendor for a full 360 degree view of your vendors — makes managing your third party relationships a lot easier. If only managing every relationship was this easy…

Third-Party Risk Management Applications

Mitigate Relationship Risk: Like any good BFF, LogicGate helps you identify red flags and steer clear of risky relationships. These Applications, available in the Risk Cloud platform, offer the support you need to help you control the risk in your third-party relationships. Choose the Application(s) that best meet your business’s needs, build  the processes with our easy and intuitive drag and drop workflow builder, and make changes whenever you need to…then rest assured your relationships have solid foundations.

TPRM: ISO 27001

It’s good to keep some things close to the vest. Protect your proprietary data, intellectual property, and financial data from vendors’ prying eyes.

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Need a gut check on where the relationship is going? Assess and rate your vendors’ strengths using the SIG Lite questionnaire.

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Procurement and Contract Management

When it comes to relationships, nobody likes paperwork. This Application lets you automate and manage the entire contract lifecycle.

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Third-Party Compromise Assessment

Did your partner slip up? Keep track of partner vulnerabilities with a central register of third-party relationships.

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Third-Party Risk Management Controls Frameworks

Don’t reinvent the wheel — it works just fine. Access industry-standard control sets and frameworks in Risk Cloud’s Controls Repository. Then link the controls or frameworks to any Application in Risk Cloud.

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