Identify, Assess, and Quantify Third-Party Risks With Risk Cloud®

Efficiently assess third-party risks, implement strategies to improve your risk posture, and onboard vendors faster. Risk Cloud’s Third-Party Risk Management Solution centralizes and connects all your vendor controls, audits, and due diligence in one secure, collaborative platform.

Automate Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

Automate Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

Keeping all of your vendor information, risks, and controls in one place helps you automate repetitive vendor onboarding and reassessments by leveraging tools you already use like, Jira, Slack, and Microsoft 365. Identify, summarize, and mitigate critical vendors and risks in less time with Risk Cloud’s OpenAI integration.

Adopt a Proactive Risk Management Strategy

Identify your company’s most critical third-party risks with heatmaps, letter grades, and risk scores. Then, add even more context by aggregating third-party risk intelligence from Black Kite or SecurityScorecard and due diligence data from providers like Vital4 alongside your assessment findings.

Adopt a Proactive Risk Management Strategy
Securely Collaborate With Your Third-Party Vendors

Securely Collaborate With Your Third-Party Vendors

Automatically send assessments and questionnaires to any third party based on custom logic, then invite vendors to access and complete questionnaires inside Risk Cloud with secure, one-time passcodes. Unlimited external user and end user licenses ensure you can mature your program as your third-party network grows.

Launch and Scale Your Risk Management Program

Get started quickly with out-of-the-box questionnaires aligned to industry standards like ISO 27001 or SIG Lite. Risk Cloud’s configurable, drag-and-drop interface and flexible graph database platform architecture makes it easy to adjust assessments, workflows, controls, and dashboards as your needs evolve.

Launch and Scale Your Risk Management Program
Quantify the Financial Impact of Third-Party Risk

Quantify the Financial Impact of Third-Party Risk

Risk Cloud Quantify® enhances traditional quantification techniques with Monte Carlo simulations to bring financial context to risk decisions. Prove the financial impact of third-party risk to stakeholders to strengthen their understanding and support for your program.

Everything You Need to Assess and Mitigate Third-Party Risk

From out-of-the-box assessments to enhanced security features for external users, Risk Cloud’s Third-Party Risk Management Solution has you covered.


Third-Party Risk Management Application

Choose from three Third-Party Risk Management Applications – ISO 27001, SIG Lite, or Standard – and we’ll help you customize it to meet your needs.



Combine information in Risk Cloud with data from Black Kite or SecurityScorecard for deeper insight into third-party risk. Save even more time with automated risk assessments from ChatGPT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the three Third-Party Risk Management Applications: ISO 27001, SIG Lite, and Standard? icon

The Third-Party Risk Management: ISO 27001 Application provides a targeted assessment of your third parties’ information security and privacy postures, while the Third-Party Risk Management: SIG Lite Application facilitates a more holistic assessment across a wider range of domains. If your organization already has a well-defined third-party risk management process and assessment questionnaire in place, the Third-Party Risk Management: Standard Application is likely the best fit for your needs.

Can I add additional Applications, integrations, or services to this solution? icon

Yes! With dozens of risk management Applications and 100s of integration capabilities, the Risk Cloud platform can help you centralize and streamline risk management across your enterprise to eliminate data silos, improve cross-team collaboration, and help you make more strategic decisions. Request a custom quote to explore holistic risk management solutions for your organization

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