Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Solutions for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

As a biotech company, you face some of the most stringent regulatory requirements in the United States and around the world. The regulatory landscape is always evolving, and you need tools to stay nimble with your compliance strategies. LogicGate's technology permits you to do just that.

LogicGate for the Pharmaceuticals Industry


Stay Compliant with Regulatory Bodies Worldwide

From the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), numerous agencies around the world impose their own sets of regulations on pharmaceutical, health sciences, and biotech firms. LogicGate helps you put the processes in place to remain compliant, such as field force monitoring and biosecurity assessments.

Stay Compliant with Regulatory Bodies Worldwide
Stay Ahead of Industry Best Practices


Stay Ahead of Industry Best Practices

In addition to governmental laws, numerous industry best practices govern drug development and manufacturing, such as CGMP and ISO standards. LogicGate offers solutions that help ensure these best practices are followed through agile controls management.


Drive Change Effectively

Given the ever-evolving landscape of medicine, change management is a required component of any proactive governance, risk, and compliance program. LogicGate's automated platform assists with the effective identification, management, and implementation of necessary changes, keeping your organization prepared for what's next.

Drive Change Effectively
  • "The best part about LogicGate is the flexibility it provides fast-paced organizations to implement new processes and adapt as the company continues to change and grow. With LogicGate, we have been able to streamline our risk assessment process and equip business owners with the information they need to assess and mitigate risks on their own."

    - Head of Risk and Compliance, Healthcare

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