OCEG Research Report: Use of AI for GRC

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Dive into the value of AI for GRC and the ways that organizations are using AI to support their risk management needs.

Curious how organizations are planning to integrate AI into governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)? Look no further.

LogicGate and OCEG teamed up to develop a comprehensive report focused on how organizations are using, or are planning to use, AI across a variety of risk management activities. Composed of 378 responses from risk professionals from around the world, this report ascertained five key findings:

  1. Recognition of the value of AI for GRC is overwhelmingly positive, but actual implementation is still nascent.
  2. The most widely used applications of AI for GRC are reported to be Cyber Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management.

Access the full report to discover the other three key findings and supporting data.

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