LogicGate Case Study: Team Select Home Care

Team Select Home Care went through major changes on its path to growth, and needed some help managing its Compliance processes through the rapid evolution of the company.

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Team Select Home Care provides premier home care to help improve the lives of their patients.


Needed a scalable and sustainable model for managing risk and compliance issues while the company grew.


  1. Up and running in three months
  2. Allowed the Team Select team to build their own processes and compile their compliance program in one place
LocationArizona, United States
IndustryHealth Care

Employees: 251-1,000


At most companies, change is constant. The only question is whether it happens slowly, quickly, or all at once.

When evolution happens in an instant, companies must evaluate their current processes and procedures to ensure they have a scalable model in place as growth occurs.

Such was the case when the compliance process evolved at Team Select Home Care, where Susan Valocchi and Amy Hoffmann serve as Director of Compliance and Director of Strategy and Analytics, respectively.

Amy explains: “When Team Select was a smaller company, we relied upon one person’s considerable experience and knowledge to handle risk and compliance issues. All daily compliance management work was funneled through this one individual, and she was immensely successful in building a strong culture of compliance.”

“The challenge was to make that situation scalable and sustainable. We were lacking the ability to track the progress of items, such as contract execution, incident resolution, and referral relationships, on a large-scale basis. We didn’t have a tool to maintain the information in one searchable place.” While Team Select kept the compliance program current with regulatory matters and business initiatives, the details of enforcing the program quickly became overwhelming.

“The challenge was to make that situation scalable...We didn't have a tool to maintain the situation in one searchable place.” — Amy Hoffmann, Director Of Strategy And Analytics

A Wakeup Call

When the potential for new investors became reality in 2017, the due diligence process revealed opportunities that could easily be addressed by a solution like LogicGate. “During due diligence, we had to produce evidence of compliance surrounding HIPAA, referral relationships, payor contracts, and much more,” Susan explains.

Team Select Home Care heeded the call, and Amy and Susan began the search for an affordable and customizable Compliance platform. “During our experience with due diligence, we gained a better idea of what would be needed to organize information and efficiently manage Compliance as we grow,” Susan notes.

The duo wanted a solution that would compile all elements of Team Select’s compliance program into one location. They also wanted it to offer traceability, workflow-driven checks and balances, accountability, and reporting. They looked at several large, mainstream solutions, but came away unimpressed. These options offered little flexibility and long onboarding times, and required significant overhead to install and maintain them.

After starting with the original core process of Payor Contract Management, Team Select has continued to develop LogicGate as an internal tool. Today the company uses LogicGate for a whopping 15 different use cases including traditional compliance program elements such as Internal Auditing and Monitoring and Incident Management.

A Surprising Result and the Partnership Today

Even more impressive: the team has built most of these new processes themselves, and customized existing workflows to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the company. Susan and Amy were quick to thank Szuyin Leow and the rest of LogicGate’s Customer Success team for their help with empowering Team Select users to build workflows on their own.

When asked what her team has now that it didn’t have before LogicGate, Susan replied: “Peace of mind. LogicGate rounds out our Compliance Program.” Amy adds: “Everything feels clean and consistent with LogicGate. If we had to go through the same due diligence process that we did before, we’d be well prepared.”

“The mainstream solutions had a lot of extra bells and whistles, but in many cases those were things we’d already built ourselves. We didn’t need those extras—they only distracted from our focus. We needed something flexible enough to work with our current situation. Additionally, LogicGate had the fastest ramp-up time to get started with the core components we needed.”

Not only is LogicGate the most flexible GRC tool on the market, it also boasts the shortest return-on-investment time of any tool reviewed on G2.com. In the end, Team Select was able to get up-and-running in just three months. Lastly she notes: “The LogicGate demo meeting was very impressive. It piqued our interest and made us feel empowered.”

Use Cases

  • Payor Contract Management
  • Incident Management
  • Internal Audits
  • TS1 Write Off Process
  • Quarterly QAPI
  • Referral Partner Agreements
  • Surveys & Audits
  • Compliance Committee Meetings
  • Health Information and Referral Database Access Requests
  • Physician License Verification
  • Licensure & Regulatory Applications
  • Branch Supervision
  • Corporate Agreement
  • HR Internal Audit
  • Regulatory Applications (Medicaid/Medicare Enrollment, State Licensures)

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