[Video] Third-Party Risk Management with Risk Cloud

With The Risk Cloud™️, you'll take command of your entire network of third-party vendors and suppliers.

Video Transcript:

LogicGate’s Third Party Risk Management platform puts you in command of your entire network of third-party vendors and suppliers.

No longer will your team be managing third parties from a disorganized mess of spreadsheets, email, and documents.

You’ll collaborate and share information seamlessly through one central repository. Visual dashboards and status reports provide everyone complete insight into the overall status of your third party program.

From Procurement to IT, you’ll stay in sync with the teams throughout your organization who manage third-party relationships. Time-consuming tasks like following up on incomplete assessments and tracking findings are handled in a snap. You’ll easily call up reports and monitor key information throughout the vendor lifecycle, from due diligence, through periodic assessments and tracking of SLAs, to retirement of the relationship.

The entire workflow can be customized to match your unique process. Our flexible form builder lets you create multiple security assessments and questionnaires that are customized to the unique needs of third party vendors. Tasks and reminders can even be assigned out to key personnel—including contacts on the vendor side.

It’s time to take control of your third party program. Request a demo today.