LogicGate was Founded with a Rebellious Spirit and Lofty Objectives

At LogicGate, we set out to build a different technology company. We are passionate about risk, technology, and people. And when you combine those three things, magic happens.


Our Philosophy

We believe change is inevitable
We believe in being great at our jobs so you can be great at yours
We believe risk is a team sport
We believe our platform is an enabler, not an obstacle
We believe risk is an enabler, not an obstacle
We believe we’re not just a platform, we’re a partner

The Origin Story

Matt, Jon, and Dan met while they were GRC consultants and bonded over helping clients deal with hard-to-use software, and building custom software when off-the-shelf stuff didn’t work.

After a long, exhausting night at a client site in Jacksonville, Florida, our founders turned to each other and said “We could do this so much better.” And they have!

Who We Are

We believe that GRC solutions should be easier and more accessible for everyone — save time with automations, create insights and analytics everyone can understand, change workflows without having to call IT. The status quo in GRC has been over-complicated and outdated for too long. We’re challenging that.

My career journey at LogicGate has been so rewarding. I've been able to work with some amazing people across the organization and have enjoyed working together to create new solutions to fit our customers' needs.- Annmarie M., Senior Director, Solutions Engineering.

What We Do

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud® platform is a nimble GRC cloud solution that makes GRC easier for everyone. You’re in charge here. With our no-code app builder and pre-built templates, you can tweak your processes and workflows as needed and automate your GRC tasks without having to call in consultants or IT.

Our Core Values

Own It

We strive to be self-driven, entrepreneurial, and efficient.

Embrace Curiosity

You cannot be in the risk business and grow complacent.

Be as One

This is more than a job to us. We invest in our co-workers and customers.

Raise the Bar

Every day our team challenges complacency and mediocrity.

Empower Clients

We create solutions where customers win.

Do the Right Thing

Even when no one is looking, we embrace transparency.

Join Our Team
Our Core Values

Trusted by Many

We know every business is different, so our platform (and our team) meets you where you are, whether you’re just creating a risk program, optimizing existing GRC processes and workflows, or doing something much grander. We got this, so you got this. And here are just a few of the great companies we get to work with each day.

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