Going Paperless & Improving GRC Processes


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Streamlining processes. Making things easier. Being less paper-bound. For a lot of professionals, especially in the GRC space, these are just a few of their priorities. And many are turning to process digitalization to make it happen. In this episode of GRC & Me, Megan Phee is in London with UAE-based Proxis founder and managing director, Tina Chugani, to talk about the concept of process digitalization, the impact these changes can have on GRC processes, and trends that Tina is seeing within her region.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • Process digitalization is driving efficiencies — especially in GRC when dealing with matters of risk and compliance
  • Working smarter with new infrastructure means you aren't beholden to 20-year-old technology
  • Look for ways to reduce old paper or Excel-based manual tasks to improve compliance and automate the ingestion of changing and new regulations
  • To understand GRC digitalization wins, organizations need to ask:
    • What regulations need to be followed?
    • What are we obligated to do?
  • Above all, aim to make people happy as they work by giving them back time and reducing manual tasks

Listen to the full podcast here. 


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