About Vital4 and Risk Cloud®

Vital4 helps you comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations with insights from more than 6,000 global financial crime, terrorism, and corruption watchlists. When integrated with Risk Cloud, you can use existing data from record fields in Risk Cloud to scan Vital4 databases and link to results on related records.


Why Integrate With Vital4


Conduct efficient assessments

Quickly onboard new clients, vendors, and employees with automated workflows inside Risk Cloud, then complete risk assessments faster with data from Vital4.


Streamline due diligence

Inform and scale AML and KYC compliance assessments with comprehensive insights from politically exposed persons (PEP) and global watch lists, sanctions, and adverse media data sets.


Get actionable insights

Get the right AML data at the right time with Vital4’s advanced artificial intelligence, relationship extraction, and machine learning capabilities to filter out noise, missed matches, and false positives.

Integration Capabilities

Expected Time to Implement

The Vital4 Risk Cloud Connector requires 10 integration services hours. Please contact your LogicGate Account Team to discuss custom integrations requiring additional capabilities not listed above.

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