A Streamlined Vulnerability Management Program

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Written by: Andrew Steioff

Reviewed by: kenneth.foo
Updated: March 15, 2022

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Gartner recently named risk-based vulnerability management as one of ten top priorities for security and risk management leaders. It is another indication that as the world shifts to digital-first work, companies need to be agile when thinking about proper vulnerability management practices, approaching and remediating cyber risks, and understanding network and operational safety.

Companies need to understand the urgency and importance of prioritizing better vulnerability management practices. And for some companies to win at this risk game, they may need to change their mindsets, become more proactive, and see risk as an advantage and revenue source.

Finding Enough Time

A common challenge is frequency. It is not uncommon that IT teams are ill-equipped to handle frequent vulnerability assessments. With the rise in surface exposure constantly expanding, security loopholes can increase.

Deploying frequent, efficient, and proactive vulnerability management practices will allow companies to focus on other aspects of their business and still receive all the protection they need. While this may seem to be easier said than done, there are options out there that help you streamline your vulnerability management processes.

LogicGate and Tenable.io have collaborated to offer an integrated solution via the Vulnerability Management Application in Risk Cloud. This Application allows organizations to identify, remediate swiftly, and report cyber vulnerabilities across enterprise ecosystems in a language everyone understands.

As our CEO Matt Kunkel put it, “LogicGate understands that patching all vulnerabilities is simply impossible. It's why we're joining forces with Tenable.io — the undisputed market leader — for a comprehensive vulnerability management solution. Our partnership will make it easier than ever for risk managers to strategically prioritize and patch the vulnerabilities that truly matter."

Bringing Vulnerability Management to the Next Level 

This end-to-end solution enables teams without in-house expertise to successfully identify potential vulnerabilities and automate remediation workflows all in one easy-to-use app.  Information provided by Tenable.io moves through the Risk Cloud delivering organizations the data and knowledge needed to make necessary changes to mitigate any risks; the information then goes back into Tenable.io to recheck the status of vulnerabilities.

Risk Cloud pulls in scoring details to assess the urgency of risk and vulnerability. Linking vulnerabilities identified by Tenable.io to applicable workflows in Risk Cloud will help organizations manage the entire lifecycle of the vulnerabilities, from approvals to treatment.

The Tenable.io integration adds overall ease of use-value to your processes and practices compared to other vulnerability sources. The setup is easy and only takes a few seconds. This means within minutes you will have actionable results like coverage for more than 66,000 vulnerabilities and easy-to-understand risk scores for the rest of your company. 

The integration between Risk Cloud and Tenable.io provides organizations with a holistic view of vulnerabilities, data to assess the potential impact, and additional analysis once actions are taken to mitigate risk. All while removing the need for other parties' involvement in the process, letting companies own the full process and risk better. To learn more about LogicGate’s Vulnerability Management Application and integration with Tenable.io, visit us at logicgate.com or request a demo.

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