About Formstack Go and Risk Cloud®

Formstack Go enables mobile workforces to capture data from anywhere, regardless of internet connection. The Formstack Go Risk Cloud Integration makes it easy for mobile and remote teams to record GRC data from any location and later upload it to Risk Cloud as soon as connectivity resumes.


Why Integrate With Formstack Go


Simplify data collection — on and offline

Collect and share important GRC data from wherever your team works with offline data capture, then sync inputs to Risk Cloud for review and actioning when internet access is restored.


Proactively mitigate risk

Avoid data-entry delays by asynchronously connecting insights from the field to automated GRC workflows in Risk Cloud to shorten risk detection, response, and mitigation timelines.

Integration Capabilities

Expected Time to Implement

The Formstack Go Risk Cloud Connector requires 10 Integration Services hours. Please contact your LogicGate Account Team to discuss custom integrations requiring additional capabilities not listed above.

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