About Black Kite TPRM and Risk Cloud®

Black Kite is a security rating services (SRS) provider that offers a holistic view of your organization’s cyber risk posture from a technical, financial, and compliance standpoint. When used in tandem with Risk Cloud’s Third-Party Risk Management Application and Risk Cloud Quantify®, you can assess and report third-party risks in quantitative, easy-to-understand business terms.


Why Integrate With Black Kite


Know your vulnerabilities

Know where you are exposed through security ratings, FAIR™ (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) risk quantification, compliance mapping, and ransomware susceptibility.


Trust your results

Eliminate false positives with standard scoring models from MITRE Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment (CTSA) and FAIR™ using data from over 400 intelligence resources.


Be ready and avoid losses

Know which of your vendors are most vulnerable with the Ransomware Susceptibility Index™ (RSI).


Automate and save time

Send assessments to your vendors automatically and immediately take action with additional due diligence as Black Kite vendor scores change.


Get actionable insights

Organize and resolve vendor findings based on scores pulled from Black Kite, then communicate risk in terms everyone understands by quantifying risks into financial impact.

Integration Capabilities

Expected Time to Implement

The Black Kite Risk Cloud Connector requires 10 integration services hours. Please contact your LogicGate Account Team to discuss custom integrations requiring additional capabilities not listed above.

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