About Slack and Risk Cloud®

Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. Risk Cloud natively integrates with Slack so you can improve engagement and collaboration with GRC program stakeholders on their communication platform of choice.


Why Integrate With Slack


Collaborate efficiently

Reduce risk and compliance workflow friction by engaging with risk owners on a familiar platform.


Easy navigation

Make navigation easy by linking directly to Risk Cloud records in Slack.


Get responses faster

Improve assessment and questionnaire response times with instant messaging.


Stay on top of your processes

Boost awareness of risk owners’ roles in assessments, remediations, corrective action plans, and other critical GRC workflows.

Integration Capabilities

How to Get Started

The Slack native integration is included at no cost with your Risk Cloud subscription. Please contact your LogicGate Account Team to learn how you can configure this integration in your Risk Cloud environment.

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