About OpenAI and Risk Cloud®

OpenAI helps businesses safely implement AI technology, scale content generation, and quickly solve complex problems with AI-powered systems and models like GPT-4. When integrated into purpose-built Applications like Policy & Procedure Management and Enterprise Risk Management, you can access ChatGPT directly inside Risk Cloud to quickly generate policy documents and summarize business-critical risk information in just a few clicks.


Why Integrate With OpenAI


Automate policy generation

Simplify and accelerate policy and procedure creation by automatically generating drafts in minutes with help from ChatGPT.


Quickly summarize risk and mitigation data

Create and share summaries of key information like critical risks, controls and mitigations, opportunities for improvement, and stakeholders — without leaving the platform.


Improve your risk strategy

Leverage ChatGPT’s recommendations on improvement opportunities to mitigate potential risks and enhance mitigation plans.

Integration Capabilities

Expected Time to Implement

The OpenAI Risk Cloud Connector is currently supported within three Risk Cloud Applications: Policy & Procedure Management, Third-Party Risk Management, and Enterprise Risk Management. Implementation requires 10 Integration Services hours per Application. Please contact your LogicGate Account Team to discuss additional OpenAI integration capabilities not listed above.

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