About Jira and Risk Cloud®

Jira is work management software that helps teams track issues, manage projects, and automate workflows. Risk Cloud integrates with Jira to centralize and streamline your issue management workflows in one platform. Automatically create, assign, and update Jira issues as statuses change in your Risk Cloud environment.


Why Integrate With Jira


Know your issues

Improve issue management and collaboration by automatically creating and assigning Jira issues in Risk Cloud. The Jira Risk Cloud Connector is bidirectional so you can push or pull issues, attachments, comments, tags, and more between platforms.


Automate and avoid escalation

Take action before issues escalate by automatically assigning issues to relevant stakeholders.


Collaborate effectively

Better inform technical teams on issue statuses by automatically populating data in Jira from Risk Cloud.

Integration Capabilities

How to Get Started

Natively integrate Jira* in just a few steps, or upgrade to a managed Risk Cloud Connector, which requires 10 integration service hours, to unlock full integration capabilities. Your Account Team will help you select the best integration type for your program and if needed, connect you to Integration Services to scope any custom requirements not listed above.

*Please visit the Help Center for a complete list of available native integration capabilities.

Jira Risk Cloud Integrations

Feature Native Risk Cloud Connector
Create and link Jira tickets to a record directly in Risk Cloud yes yes
Get the most up-to-date status on your Jira ticket in Risk Cloud yes yes
Automatically add comments and download attachments between Jira and Risk Cloud yes
Create and update issues on multiple Jira boards as records change in Risk Cloud yes
Copy any Risk Cloud record field to a new or existing Jira issue yes
Create custom Risk Cloud triggers to automate actions in Jira yes

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