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Automate Compliance. Accelerate Business Growth.

Ditch manual compliance workflows and eliminate redundant evidence requests with Risk Cloud®. Risk Cloud automates control evidence collection across more than 20 cybersecurity and privacy compliance frameworks so your team can focus on what matters most: increasing agility, building trust, and delivering actionable risk insights.

Expand Your Team's Capacity and Automate-Out Audit Fatigue

Expand Your Team's Capacity and Automate-Out Audit Fatigue

Compliance isn’t optional, but it’s also not enough to protect critical assets and build market trust. Optimize your risk and compliance program with automated evidence collection and elevate your team’s reputation with:

  • More time to analyze, share, and action audit findings
  • A security-first approach to compliance and risk management
  • The clarity and confidence to inform strategic, risk-based decisions

Over 20 Supported Security and Privacy Frameworks

Import and map over 20 frameworks to related controls, standards, and regulations, then automate control evidence collection at your preferred cadence.

*License not included with platform

Three Ways to Automate Evidence Collection With Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud can automate evidence collection for nearly every control in your enterprise environment.
There are three ways to start automating controls compliance today:


Out-of-the-Box Evidence Collectors.

Integrate Risk Cloud across your entire enterprise environment with pre-built evidence collectors. From human resource information systems (HRIS) and ticketing systems to endpoint protection tools and vulnerability management platforms, automated evidence collection with Risk Cloud will save your team time and speed audit cycles.


Integration With Leading CAASM Providers.

Go beyond automated evidence collection with attack surface management from CAASM vendors like Noetic and JupiterOne. CAASM solutions help you seamlessly integrate with dozens of security platforms to quickly automate IT control evidence collection at scale.


Risk Cloud’s Open API.

Build your own integrations with our Open API. The LogicGate Developer Portal comes loaded with all the resources and documentation you need to automate evidence collection at your organization.

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