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From Fire Drill to Super Chill

Staying on top of compliance tasks shouldn’t require an emergency preparedness badge. If you’re frantically searching through 30 different emails and spreadsheets trying to find the information you need or messaging multiple team members to get approvals before deadlines approach, we’re here to say there’s an easier way. With our flexible solutions in Risk Cloud®, you can start from anywhere and add more frameworks and processes as your GRC program matures. And because it's all in one platform, you can easily link the components of your program so your team has all the related information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and make smarter decisions.

Compliance Management Applications

Make Compliance a Breeze: Skip time-consuming data entry, easily identify task owners, and never miss a compliance deadline by taking advantage of the ready-to-use Compliance Management Applications within Risk Cloud. Choose the Application(s) that best meet your business’s needs and customize the workflows to take your compliance tasks from gale-force winds to ocean breeze.

Regulatory Compliance

Are you on top of the latest policies, laws, and regulations? You are now. Protect assets and avoid violations, legal penalties, and fines with this Application.

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Controls Management

Make like Marie Kondo and tidy up your controls management by assessing, evaluating, and remediating controls in one platform.

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SOX Compliance Management

Keep up with SOX compliance and be sure your financial reports are on point and accurate. Check and check.

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Regulatory Exam Management

Make sure your team passes regulatory exams with flying colors and store all exam documentation in one place with Risk Cloud’s Regulatory Exam Management Application.  

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Employee Compliance: Policy Acknowledgments

Following ever-changing employee compliance laws is exhausting. Give yourself some room to breathe with this Application that keeps track of the certifications and attestations your employees need to complete.

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SOC 2 Compliance

How do your organization's internal controls, policies, and procedures fare against AICPA’s five Trust Services Criteria? Find out and get ready to achieve an SOC 2 attestation report with this convenient Application.

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Compliance Management Controls Frameworks

Don’t reinvent the wheel — it works just fine. Access industry-standard control sets and frameworks in Risk Cloud’s Controls Repository. Then link the controls or frameworks to any Application in Risk Cloud. 

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