GRC & Me: Building the Business Case for Getting the Right GRC Technology

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When it comes to buying new technology, executives and other decision makers tend to see everything from a “money out, money in” perspective. Will spending more on GRC technology ultimately benefit the organization’s bottom line? Or will it only increase operating expenses? GRC software doesn’t directly generate revenue, so it’s important to carefully build and present your business case for investing in GRC technology.

On this episode of GRC & Me, LogicGate’s CEO Matt Kunkel and GRC expert Michael Rasmussen discuss building a powerful business case for investing in the latest GRC technology. They explore how the cornerstones of your business case will focus on efficiency, accountability, and agility.

Key highlights from this episode include:

  • Communicating accountability to engage risk owners
  • Engaging frontline employees to protect the business effectively
  • What agility looks like in a risk management context
  • How to evaluate the current budget for and time costs associated with risk management
  • Exploring the real ROI of meeting ever-evolving regulations and compliance requirements
  • Guaing how well your first line of defense reacts to incidents, and whether their effectiveness will improve with better tools and software
  • Tying it all together to build a concise business case for investing in leading-edge software

Listen to the full episode to learn how to build a business case for improving GRC with the latest tools.

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