Regulatory Compliance Application


What is Regulatory Compliance?

Regulatory compliance is implemented to help organizations follow state, federal, and international laws and regulations that protect businesses, employees, and consumers. Examples include Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) regulations that protect the environment, and financial regulations that prevent insider trading and fraud.

Regulatory Compliance on Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud® is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology.

Risk Cloud’s Regulatory Compliance Application can help you stay up to date and compliant with relevant policies, laws, or regulations so that you can protect your assets and avoid violations, legal penalties, and fines.

Simplify Compliance Laws

  • Clearly define your regulatory categories and overlaps by building a regulatory inventory index
  • Narrow in on the specific requirements needed for your business
  • Understand the political landscape and the impact to regulation changes
  • Organize risk teams together to share details on regulation origins and eliminate the need for spreadsheets
Simplify Compliance Laws
Be Proactive with Regulatory Compliance

Be Proactive with Regulatory Compliance

  • Perform compliance risk assessments to identify your major risks and penalties
  • Keep up to date on changing laws and their associated penalties
  • Have a plan for regulatory change management
  • Define the specific compliance tasks needed and assign ownership

Get Back on Compliance Track

  • Solve current issues and mitigate future risks with Corrective Action Plans (CAP)
  • Adhere to any regulations you have previously violated
  • Avoid negative publicity connected with violations and lawsuits from non-compliance
  • Stop violations from moving further into privacy or consumer data regulations
Get Back on Compliance Track

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