Third-Party Risk Management: ISO 27001 Application


What Is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a common information security standard organizations use to protect information by adopting an Information Security Management System. Organizations often adopt this standard to assess their third parties’ information security postures.

ISO 27001 Compliance in Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud® is a no-code governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs and regulatory requirements. It combines a suite of purpose-built Applications with intuitive technology that allows risk professionals to form, evolve, and communicate a market-leading risk strategy.

Risk Cloud's Third-Party Risk Management: ISO 27001 Application is pre-built with a questionnaire aligned with ISO 27001's Annex A Information Security Requirements framework. In alignment with the ISO/IEC 2700 family of standards, this Application is built to ensure your proprietary data, employee details, intellectual property, and financial information are secure when working with vendors across your organization.

Quickly Implement Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

  • Accelerate your ability to identify, assess and remediate third-party vendors with the pre-built template
  • Control your third-party management program without the need for increased tech support or a consultant
  • Automate tasks like inherent risk scoring and vendor email notifications to scale your vendor intake processes
  • Identify relationships across all risk programs by linking your third-party risk program in one holistic platform
Quickly Implement Your Third-Party Risk Management Program
Establish Best Practices With Vendors

Establish Best Practices With Vendors

  • Vet and perform due diligence for new or existing third-party vendors with a pre-designed questionnaire aligned with widely adopted standards
  • Easily access and visualize all vendor information and questionnaire responses with the ability to share results across your organization's vendor landscape
  • Earn trust with your customers that procedures are in place to protect their data
  • For vendors under review, request SOC 2 evidence for vendors to advance assessment efforts

Score Inherent Risks of Business Relationships

  • Send self-assessment questionnaires and request evidence directly from vendors to automatically calculate the third-party's risk level
  • Confidently identify business critical and data sensitive vendors with pre-built inherent risk tiering
  • Scope assessment types, including Lite, Base, Advanced, and Comprehensive, to focus assessment efforts on inherently high-risk relationships
  • Instantly create findings and track associated resolution plans to mitigate risks associated with each vendor


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Score Inherent Risks of Business Relationships

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