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This post is part of our Partner Spotlight Series, where we let our partners describe their companies, backgrounds, and experience with LogicGate. We recently sat down with Carl Carpenter, CEO of Arrakis Consulting. 

LOGICGATE:  Can you provide an overview of your company and how you work with your clients? 

CARL: Arrakis is an all-encompassing, vendor-agnostic IT company providing all levels of Information Security, Governance, Compliance, and Audit in addition to other generic IT services.  Generally we work with senior managers, executives, or boards of directors depending on the type of services offered.  

What sets you apart from other companies in your field?

All of our personnel are talented in a multitude of ways.  So, rather than hire four people to do four different tasks, we can supply one person who can do 4–10 tasks with little to no supervision.  The average experience of our people is 25 years at all levels of positions, including the C-suite.

How do you see client needs evolving over the next year? Next 3 years?

More and more regulation, for one. Also, we'll see the continued emergence of technology that will help reduce the level of effort to become, or remain, compliant.

What trends have you noticed in the GRC market in the last few years?

We'll continue to see more and more complexity from the big players in the space. This will increase the level of effort of using their products, while still reducing the level of effort for compliance.

What is the greatest pitfall you see people face when tackling GRC processes?

Not taking it seriously. My best advice to anyone who is charged with leading a new GRC program or ERM process deployment would be to treat it with the utmost 

In your opinion, where should someone start when creating a GRC program?

Understanding who and what you are beholden to. This will help you devise proper administrative controls as well as understand associated penalties.

In your experience, how have your clients fostered executive awareness or support for investment in an ERM program (for services or technology investment)? Do you think this is always necessary?

Yes, and generally it involves candid conversations with the client to ensure they understand the risks. Most of them hear this for the first time.

Why did you select LogicGate as a trusted partner?

It's a high quality and affordable solution for a majority of our customers.



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