Reflecting on One Year as LogicGate’s CISO

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Written by: Nicholas Kathmann

Reviewed by: Olivia Bruns
Updated: January 31, 2024

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Just last week LogicGate announced record company growth in 2023. We expanded our innovation pipeline with new solutions that make our customers more efficient and effective, increased our enterprise customer base and secured industry recognition, all of which further differentiates our programs and platform within the crowded GRC space. Every year is a busy year in the fast-paced risk and compliance environment, but this year flew by – probably because it was my first year with LogicGate. Before we leap into February, I would be remiss if I didn’t take my foot off the gas pedal, pause for a moment, and reflect on the past 12 months as CISO.

Drawing on Experience to Move LogicGate Forward

I joined LogicGate in January ’23 with clear objectives: help scale our information security program, drive platform innovation, enhance our own security and – what I was most excited about – engage and build relationships with our customers. My previous roles sharpened my enterprise security experience and grounded me in strategic planning and development management, so I was fully prepared to deliver on those objectives. During my tenure at Dell and throughout the company’s many acquisitions (including EMC and RSA), my eagerness and ambition propelled my career path. Most notably, I ran the digital architecture for a very regulated financial services environment, built policies and standards across cloud and SAAS products and inevitably led the entire MSSP practice with a focus on helping our customers reach higher levels of security maturity.   

I am grateful for the vast experience I gained over 12+ years with Dell – from frontline work to executive management – that prepared me for the CISO role at LogicGate. Unlike many IT professionals who serve one customer audience or channel, I was fortunate to have a career baked with exposure to customers across large environments and service lines. With that experience, I bring a broader perspective and breadth of knowledge to solutionize for the many industries we serve, including healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail and many more.

What drew me to LogicGate was the company’s emphasis on empowering customers and delivering consistent value, quickly. I didn’t want to spend my days in an ivory tower. Instead, I’m engaged with our internal teams and power users to understand their security concerns and goals and create solutions that are applicable to the most common use cases. For example, my first order of business was to “embrace the incident.” Every organization will have an incident. Regardless of industry, company size or resource investment, it’s impossible to control every aspect of business, which means Security leaders need to prioritize how quickly they identify and respond to attacks. This past year, our teams embraced zero trust, concentrated on segmentation to contain impact and redesigned and launched solutions to help our customers dismantle large, disruptive problems into smaller, tractable situations. LogicGate’s partnership approach is unmatched in the industry.

New Solutions for a Changing GRC Environment

Reacting to resource constraints felt across the industry, we launched applications to centralize controls management, automate data collection and easily implement and utilize AI technology. Regardless of vendor and headcount reductions, teams still need to produce and scale, and they can do so by reducing redundancies, replacing antiquated and manual practices and becoming more efficient. Another industry change was the recent SEC ruling on breach disclosure and board level visibility, which brought a lot more attention to the required transparency of risk management, governance, and strategy. While these operational processes should already be established by any CISO, the additional attention and need to translate how security investments bolster the company's revenue and reputation underscore their importance. For instance, our new Cyber Risk & Controls Compliance Solution links a cyberattack to the business impact, providing valuable context to any cybersecurity incident so companies can quickly remediate and report to customers and stakeholders. 

Security is a dynamic environment. We need to be agile and pioneering to support our customers’ defense strategies. This is another reason I joined LogicGate – the flexibility and customization of our Risk Cloud platform. The risk environment becomes more complex everyday with new threat actors from ​​motivated individuals to nation states, which means companies are vulnerable to a variety of threats and attacks. Our no-code platform provides power users with the flexibility to swiftly change and adapt within applications when a breach occurs and conceptualizes data to tell a story so decision makers can read between the lines. Data is just data unless you can weaponize it against threats, and the larger your organization, the more data you have to protect but also to leverage and advance.

I’m extremely proud of what we achieved in 2023 and look forward to further establishing LogicGate as the leader in cybersecurity risk and compliance. I’m a self-proclaimed tech geek and spend much of my free time enthralled with woodworking. Similar to applications and software, I take large, complicated pieces of furniture and break them into easier distinct parts so they smoothly interface and join together to build a solid piece of furniture. I’m no Sam Maloof, so I have no intention of leaving my day job; instead, I will relish in the last 12 months of success and continue focusing on driving innovation, increasing platform usability and strengthening our customers’ security postures throughout 2024.

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