LogicGate’s 2024 Company Kick-Off: Ride the Wave


Written by: Matt Kunkel

Reviewed by: Jade Trombetta
Updated: March 06, 2024

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To be the best company, we need the best people.  The employees of LogicGate are our most valuable investment, which is why we source talent from across the country and the globe.  Operating through a hybrid workforce has tremendous benefits, but it’s important that our people meet in person, build relationships, and get inspired.  This is why we brought our employees together in Chicago and hosted our yearly onsite CKO – Company Kick-Off!  Gathering everyone in the same room generated infectious excitement around our platform innovation pipeline, which includes more tools and resources that empower our customers to be efficient, effective and equipped with data-driven insights to measure business impact and strategically build risk allies within their organizations. 

In late 2023 LogicGate was recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms, Q4 2023 report.  Only four GRC companies in the world received leadership recognition, which has helped drive our stake in the ground to clearly mark our presence within the industry.  The excitement and buzz generated by the report continues to flow into 2024, so what better way to energize our employees than to embrace the “Ride the Wave” theme for our February CKO event?  

More than 200 employees joined our leadership team and me for two days of celebration, education, motivation and connection, turning last year’s learnings into 2024 opportunities.  We applauded everyone’s contribution to balancing company growth and capital efficiency, helping to propel our innovation and scalability forward.  We welcomed new large enterprise customers in 2023 and expanded our current pipeline, both a reflection of our people and our platform delivering consistent value.  We made some big waves in 2023 and will use that intensity to continue driving excellence in 2024.

There are several remarkable parallels between company growth and riding a wave. The ebbs and flows of the ocean are similar to those of managing and growing a business.  It takes a team of people, not just one individual, to ride monstrous-sized waves.  For this year’s CKO, we focused on five key areas to demonstrate how our success is not much different than those who seek to conquer the biggest waves in the world.

Positioning – When seeking out the best waves in a crowded surf, it’s imperative to have the right position to charge the wave.  The Forrester Wave Report acknowledged our Risk Cloud platform user experience as second to none, just one of the key differentiating factors that allow us to swim in our own lane and continue driving industry best practices.  We have an unwavering commitment to establishing LogicGate’s position as the market-leading holistic GRC company and won’t let any choppiness hold us back.

The Right Conditions – To ride the biggest waves, you need to seek out the right conditions that yield waves climbing to over 80ft tall.  The most famous location is Nazare, Portugal, during the winter months. To surf those monstrous waves, you must be intentional about your travel. Similarly, a software company can’t just startup and a few weeks later claim the leadership position.  You need to identify unserved needs, find a unique space, and have an unrivaled understanding of the market to strategically deliver value in ways other companies – or for this analogy, other beach destinations – can’t.

Preparation – Anyone can jump on a surfboard and attempt to stand up successfully, but to ride the biggest waves on the planet and set a world record, you need to work closely with your team to prepare.  In 2023, we made significant strides and laid the groundwork needed to establish LogicGate as the market-leading holistic GRC company.  We hired incredibly talented people who helped inspire teams to think differently so we were more efficient, which allowed us to invest back into the business and expand our innovation pipeline.  We improved our security, reliability, and platform performance and launched new products and features to improve the user experience and deliver consistent value for our customers.  Empowering our customers is the bedrock of our business, which is why we launched a new POD support structure and rebuilt the customer journey to provide an unparalleled engagement experience.

Listening - To understand the waves, you need to study the ocean.  We made it a priority to listen to our customers, prospective customers, industry analysts, and our internal teams to drive business decisions.  From those conversations, we used learnings to strategically build an innovation pipeline that empowers Risk Cloud users to turn data-driven insights into opportunity, reduce their risk footprint, and ultimately strengthen their risk posture. 

Focus – To set a world record, you better be dialed in and focused on the 5-story water wall you’re paddling towards.  The entire LogicGate organization is channeling that same level of focus on capturing new business, helping current customers scale, and establishing processes and systems that make us nimbler and more efficient.  We’re also laser-focused on attaining top-tier organizational health, encouraging consistent employee engagement, and nurturing an inclusive culture where people feel safe and proud to show up as their authentic selves.

To say I left this year’s CKO energized is an understatement.  Having all our teams aligned on business objectives and the right plans in place to work together to achieve our customer and company goals.  We have our sights set on being recognized as THE market-leading holistic GRC company and hope you will join us as we paddle towards greatness.

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