LogicGate’s 2024 DEIB Report

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Written by: Caroline Werner

Reviewed by: Jade Trombetta
Updated: March 05, 2024

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At LogicGate, our values are at the heart of everything we do. Our efforts on creating an inclusive culture are directly linked to our values, the employee experience, and driving business outcomes.  We’re excited to share our 2024 DEIB Report, which reflects the work done in 2023 to foster an inclusive work environment and ways we will continue to invest in and prioritize DEIB.  This report highlights our 2024 workforce demographics and provides a holistic look at our three focus areas moving forward into 2024; Increase and Expand Diversity in Our Workforce, Foster and Maintain an Inclusive and Equitable Culture, and Integrate Our DEIB Mission into the External LogicGate Experience.

These three focus areas are not changing as we move into the next year and our continued journey ahead.

Increase and Expand Diversity in Our Workforce

To build and maintain the strongest teams to deliver value to our customers, we know that we need to leverage the diversity of our employees. We’ve made great strides in enhancing our recruitment and talent management strategies and processes in support of increasing and expanding diversity in our workforce and will continue to focus on these areas throughout 2024. 

As a part of this work, in 2023 we implemented interview process enhancements, further built out our compensation foundational programs and processes and made a significant investment in creating the first-ever People Analytics Dashboard for the Executive Team. We expanded our ability to track and capture information and began to collect and formally analyze voluntary candidate demographic data. As we move into 2024, we’ll continue to invest time to regularly review both our pipeline and internal data to identify priority areas.

Foster and Maintain an Inclusive and Equitable Culture

Throughout 2023, we’ve made significant progress in fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued, supported, and has opportunities to grow. We’re proud to share  that LogicGate’s Inclusion score within our 2023 DEIB Pulse was 86% favorable, which is well above external benchmarks!

In 2023, we designed and implemented LogicGate’s first-ever career journey framework - one consistent talent framework that is streamlined, relevant, and scalable across the Company.  Our career journey framework is the foundation of all core People operations and programs. It enables all employees to have an understanding of what the career opportunities and expectations for success are. Our framework is supported by Company competencies which are technical skills and behaviors that contribute to workplace effectiveness and career success, providing a consistent foundation of expectations across the Company. To bring this to life, we implemented Lattice Grow and provided training to all employees to ensure the framework and competencies are accessible. 

In addition to investing in our employees and company culture, we also strongly believe in supporting the communities in which we live and work.  In 2023, LogicGate employees spent more than 220 hours giving back through volunteering with organizations including Humble Design Chicago, assembling Kynd Kits in support of those who are unhoused or emerging from homelessness, partnering with Christopher House to adopt families for the holidays, and promoting breast cancer awareness as part of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  We also proudly support causes our customers and partners care about including Make-a-Wish, PAWS Chicago, Chestnut Tree House, Sarah’s Circle, and the Danny Did Foundation. 

Integrate Our DEIB Mission into the External LogicGate Experience.

Risk management is everyone’s job, and that’s why we’re committed to ensuring we support our customers by delivering an accessible, inclusive, and empowering experience both when working in RiskCloud® and with our teams.  In 2023, we made significant progress in establishing foundational improvements to our platform so it’s accessible to all, including:

  • Created a dedicated team composed of individuals from Product Management, Design, and Engineering to focus on our overall accessibility strategy and champion accessibility across the organization.

  • Introduced a “Shift Left” strategy where we take into account accessibility of features at the outset of building new content and meeting WCAG 2.2 standards.

  • Began providing accessibility documentation with design hand-offs for both implementation and testing guidance.

  • Continued remediation efforts for addressing findings from our 2022 WCAG compliance audit.

  • Continued building and implementing reusable, accessible UI components within Risk Cloud.

While we believe the success of our DEIB efforts requires involvement from everyone at LogicGate, there are a few groups who are leading the way. As part of our enhanced DEIB structure that was put in place in 2023, the DEIB council welcomed employees from across the organization representing different career levels and functions. We also had increased cross-collaboration of our ERG leaders, both with each other and together with the council, working collaboratively towards our mission. All employees are encouraged to get involved in our DEIB efforts through the avenues in place.

We are proud of the accomplishments and progress we’ve made in continuing creating an inclusive culture and know that this work does not have an ‘end’ date - it is a continuous and evolving journey that requires focused investment and prioritization to create the place where we all want to work, thrive and create the best customer experience. We encourage you to read our entire 2024 DEIB Report, HERE.


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