Automate Compliance. Accelerate Business Growth.

Ditch manual compliance workflows and eliminate redundant evidence requests with Risk Cloud®. Risk Cloud automates control evidence collection across more than 25 security and privacy frameworks so your team can focus on what matters most: increasing agility, building trust, and delivering actionable risk insights.

Automate-Out Audit Fatigue and Expand Your Team's Capacity

Automate-Out Audit Fatigue and Expand Your Team's Capacity

Compliance isn’t optional, but it’s also not enough to protect critical assets and build market trust. Optimize your risk and compliance program with automated evidence collection and elevate your team’s reputation with:

  • More time to analyze, share, and action audit findings
  • A security-first approach to compliance and risk management
  • The clarity and confidence to inform strategic, risk-based decisions

Over 25 Supported Security and Privacy Frameworks

Import and map over 25 frameworks to related controls, standards, and regulations, then automate control evidence collection at your preferred cadence. Once you're audit-ready, collaborate with trusted partners like Insight Assurance directly inside Risk Cloud.

*License not included with platform

Four Ways to Automate Evidence Collection With Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud can automate evidence collection for nearly every control in your enterprise environment. There are four ways to start automating controls compliance today:


Evidence Collectors

Gather evidence with out-of-the-box Evidence Collectors from dozens of enterprise software and systems. Includes human resource information systems (HRIS), ticketing systems, endpoint protection tools, cloud storage platforms, and more.


Risk Cloud workflows

Automatically retrieve evidence files from the GRC programs you run in Risk Cloud or automate requests to control owners.


Evidence endpoint

Connect to a wide array of source systems by simply requesting an evidence file from an application endpoint.


Risk Cloud Open API

Push evidence files into Risk Cloud from any internal system.

Do More With Less With Risk Cloud

Everything you need to integrate and automate your controls compliance management program – all from one centralized platform.

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