Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

Streamline DORA readiness and strengthen operational resiliency with LogicGate Risk Cloud®.


Test Once, Satisfy Many With the Risk Cloud® Controls Repository

Work smarter – not harder – by mapping controls and requirements from over 20 cybersecurity and privacy frameworks in Risk Cloud. From DORA and GDPR to ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, the Risk Cloud Controls Repository helps you eliminate redundant controls, save time and resources, and easily collaborate across business units.

About DORA

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (Regulation (EU) 2022/2554) incentivizes financial institutions to improve operational resilience with rules and guidelines to help protect, detect, contain, and recover from information and communication technology (ICT) related incidents. DORA regulations also apply to critical third parties providing ICT-related services to financial entities.


How Risk Cloud Supports DORA Readiness

Risk Cloud includes solutions for every aspect of DORA compliance, including:

Cyber Risk and Controls Compliance

Prevent ICT incidents by leveraging common, proven cybersecurity frameworks to ensure your cyber risk management and digital operational resiliency programs satisfy all of the requirements for DORA compliance. Simplify DORA compliance audits with cyber risk quantification, automated evidence collection, and other cyber risk management capabilities.

Third-Party Risk Management

Streamline your third-party risk management assessment program with automated, customizable questionnaires and easily analyze the potential impact of each vendor relationship on your overall digital operational resilience.

Incident Management

Establish automated procedures to identify, track, log and categorize, and classify ICT-related incidents according to their priority and severity. Streamline reporting, communication, and response when ICT incidents occur, then easily conduct post-incident reviews to analyze the cause and identify improvements.

Operational Resiliency

Put comprehensive ICT business continuity policies into place to ensure the continuity of your most critical functions. Respond to and resolve all ICT-related incidents in a way that limits damage, prioritizes the resumption of activities, and keeps everyone informed of progress.

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