Policy & Procedure Management Application


What is Policy and Procedure Management?

Policy and Procedure Management is focused on organizing and developing processes for the various policies and procedures that organizations manage to keep their business running smoothly. Policy and Procedure Management is used to centralize, track, and review key policies to ensure the appropriate processes are being followed. 

Policy and Procedure Management in Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud® is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology. 

Risk Cloud’s Policy & Procedure Management Application provides a centralized document repository that facilitates collaboration and improves the quality of content across the enterprise. The Application is built to automate effective and relevant policies, procedures, and other critical documents can be requested, written, updated, and followed by your lines of business. 

Eliminate Duplicate Policies and Tasks

  • Organize scalable, repeatable, and efficient policy management procedures specific to your needs
  • Automate reminders to designated owners for the timely completion of policy review and approval requests
  • Link policies and procedures across your business so the proper communication channels are activated in the event of a policy change or violation
  • Gain insight into how a change in one area of your process will impact your risk profiles in another
Eliminate Duplicate Policies and Tasks
Centralize Policy Management

Centralize Policy Management

  • Break down organizational barriers with transparent cross-functional collaboration on tasks, processes, assessments, and approvals
  • Gather data and reports dispersed across email and spreadsheets into a single repository where they can be properly accessed, analyzed, and audited in a cohesive program
  • Identify gaps in your controls that can easily be corrected and avoided in the future

Graduate from Spreadsheets

  • Improve communication across teams with greater visibility into processes and responsibilities
  • Tap into the Risk Cloud Controls Repository for libraries of policy statements and controls frameworks or align your existing policy playbook
  • Create hierarchies that connect controls to risks, business units, and regulations
Graduate from Spreadsheets
Integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google Drive

Integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google Drive

  • Streamline document creation and change management processes with Microsoft 365 or Google Drive integration
  • Draft, edit, and review documents with stakeholders in one location
  • Populate the draft link and automatically attach the final document to Risk Cloud without having to search, download, and upload files
  • Find all previous versions of a document from any point in time so you can link events to applicable documentation

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