Policy Acknowledgments Application


Why Risk Cloud?

Risk Cloud® is a no-code risk and compliance platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs and regulatory requirements. Centralize policy management and maintain continuous visibility into employee acknowledgment status to ensure organizational compliance.

Centralize Employee Policy Management, Acknowledgment, and Compliance Workflows

With regular policy changes and new employees coming onboard, you need an easier way to assign, track, and report employee policy acknowledgements. Risk Cloud’s Policy Acknowledgements Application provides a one-stop-shop for managing your employee compliance program.

Simplify Policy Acknowledgement

Share the right policies with the right employees at the right time — while saving resources. Risk Cloud’s Policy Acknowledgements Application provides pre-built, configurable workflows to:

  • Connect people with policies
  • Automate assignment notifications to improve attestation rates
  • Quickly address non-compliance
Simplify Policy Acknowledgement
Connect People with  Policies

Connect People with Policies

Assign policy acknowledgements to the right people in a single click by creating unique segments — like active employees and contractors. Risk Cloud supports SCIM and integrates with your identity provider to simplify access management, policy assignment, and reporting.

Automate Employee Policy Acknowledgement Notifications

Increase policy visibility and compliance with automatic notifications to provide employees with due dates and recurring reminders. Risk Cloud natively integrates with the communication platforms your organization uses every day, like Slack and Teams, to incorporate policy attestation into employees’ existing workflows.

Automate Employee Policy Acknowledgement  Notifications
Quickly Address Non-Compliance

Quickly Address Non-Compliance

Maintain continuous visibility into policy acknowledgment status with out-of-the-box reporting that can be customized to your organization’s unique needs. Track and report important metrics like employee attestation completion rates and average policy acknowledgment completion times.

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