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Why Risk Cloud?

Risk Cloud® is a no-code risk and compliance platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs and regulatory requirements. It centralizes and connects all your risks, threats, controls, and evidence in one platform – so you can easily assess cyber risk and prioritize mitigation strategies.

Identify and Evaluate Control Effectiveness

The regulatory landscape is growing more complex every day, and the risks of being non-compliant are only increasing. To keep up, you need modern compliance control software that streamlines control evaluations and evidence requests. 

Risk Cloud’s Controls Compliance Application allows you to identify and document every control and test their effectiveness at scale.

Control Your Risk Posture

Risk Cloud’s Controls Compliance Application aligns your audit assessments, requests, and tests with common control frameworks like HIPAA, ISO 27000, NIST CSF, SOC 2, FFIEC CAT, and DSS. You’ll have everything you need to help you:

  • Import and maintain your organization’s control repository
  • Initiate an audit to evaluate the overall security posture of your organization
  • Evaluate control effectiveness for each control by collecting evidence, scoring controls, and storing evidence in a centralized location
  • Develop corrective action plans, assign actions to owners, and track plans through their resolution
Control Your Risk Posture
Assess, Evaluate, and Remediate Controls in Real-Time

Assess, Evaluate, and Remediate Controls in Real-Time

Risk Cloud centralizes compliance control evaluations, evidence collection, and reporting so you can uncover ineffective or broken controls in real-time and quickly take action to reduce risk exposure. Out-of-the-box integrations with leading communication tools like Jira and Slack further streamline workflows to help automate your team’s response.

Save Time Mapping and Evaluating Controls

Evaluating control effectiveness, including scoring and evidence gathering, is time consuming. Risk Cloud provides pre-defined mappings between control sets to limit the need for multiple assessments across disparate frameworks and reduce time-on-task. Import your unique internal control content and map it to alternate frameworks that align to your organization's needs.

Save Time Mapping and Evaluating Controls
Reduce Risk With Corrective Action Plans and Reporting

Reduce Risk With Corrective Action Plans and Reporting

Initiate and assign corrective action plans when control gaps are identified. Track action plans through their resolution and generate reports to quickly visualize controls compliance and identify areas for improvement.

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