HITRUST® Controls Compliance Application


What is the HITRUST CSF®?

HITRUST CSF is a certifiable security and privacy controls framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management. Developed in collaboration with data protection professionals, the HITRUST CSF integrates and harmonizes requirements and cross-references to 40+ authoritative sources, creating a standardized approach while providing clarity and consistency. The HITRUST CSF is regularly updated as mapped authoritative sources change and new authoritative sources are introduced. Organizations of varying risk profiles can utilize the HITRUST CSF to customize their security and privacy control baselines through a variety of factors including organization type, size, systems, and regulatory requirements.

HITRUST and Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud® is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology.

Risk Cloud is a HITRUST approved platform and the HITRUST Controls Compliance Application in Risk Cloud encompasses HITRUST CSF content, meaning you can completely leverage your scoped HITRUST requirements directly in Risk Cloud. Utilize HITRUST’s proven methodology to enhance your data privacy and security programs and provide a framework that allows you to initiate a HITRUST CSF Readiness, Validated, or Interim Assessment while seamlessly communicating with your team on the tasks needed to execute your process.

Get the Most Out of Your HITRUST CSF License

  • Support your HITRUST CSF Assessment process by assessing, evaluating, remediating, and organizing your HITRUST CSF controls in scope for your organization
  • Holistically streamline specific levels of compliance standards and regulation frameworks across all structure, syntax, and clarity to implement controls effectively
  • Reduce the need for multiple assessments across disparate frameworks with predefined mappings between the control sets listed in the Risk Cloud Control Repository and the HITRUST CSF
  • Move quickly with pre-built scoring dropdowns and calculations aligned with HITRUST CSF Control Maturity Scoring Rubrics
  • Visualize your HITRUST CSF compliance and identify areas for improvement with pre-built reporting
Get the Most Out of Your HITRUST CSF License
Break Down Controls Management Silos

Break Down Controls Management Silos

  • Own and maintain the ability to attach control evidence and score controls across all five maturity levels
  • Capture evidence from multiple business units
  • Easily create and assign control evaluations to stakeholders across your business units in line with with your in-scope controls
  • Track quantitative control scores, such as strength and coverage, to standardize scoring in accordance with the HITRUST CSF

Take Action with Your HITRUST CSF Controls

  • Log and track non-compliance with your in-scope HITRUST requirements
  • Implement corrective action plans (CAP) directly from evaluations, assign to owners, and track through resolution to ensure your organization is actively enhancing its information security maturity
  • Automate email reminders to control and corrective action plan owners to complete assessment activities
  • Easily achieve baseline compliance and bolster controls as your GRC program matures, giving you the ability to take on strategic risk with greater confidence
Take Action with Your HITRUST CSF Controls

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