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What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is the continuous process of ​​identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, and treating your organization’s vulnerabilities in order to close security gaps and prevent cyberattacks. As part of this process, organizations identify and scan their critical assets to gauge vulnerabilities, analyze their effect on the organization, prioritize remediation based on potential impact, and recommend treatment plans.

Vulnerability Management in Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud™ is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology.

Risk Cloud’s Vulnerability Management Application helps organizations monitor and address vulnerabilities to ensure timely treatment and mitigation. This Application can be powered by the Integration in Risk Cloud, or you can use your preferred vulnerability source or method—a custom integration or bulk CSV imports—to ingest vulnerability data. The Application captures vulnerability data including impacted assets and severity of risk, from* or your own preferred source. Using the Vulnerabilities Workflow, each vulnerability is analyzed to determine its potential impact on the organization and required treatment. Treatment is then initiated, assigned, and tracked through resolution. Centralized inventory and automated reporting ensure critical vulnerabilities are prioritized and mitigated in a timely manner. 

*Requires a license from Tenable

Protect Your Critical Infrastructure and Prevent Operational Disruption

  • Ensure business continuity by protecting your critical infrastructure
  • Minimize your attack surface by mitigating identified vulnerabilities across all hardware, software, and network components.
  • Prioritize treatment of vulnerabilities based on their potential impact on your organization
  • Use pre-built workflows and reports to help you track and remediate identified vulnerabilities
Protect Your Critical Infrastructure and Prevent Operational Disruption
Continuously Evaluate Your Organization’s Assets and Architecture

Continuously Evaluate Your Organization’s Assets and Architecture

  • Identify and log your organization’s critical assets in the pre-built assets workflow or from your preferred source
  • Analyze and centrally store impact assessments of your organization’s identified vulnerabilities
  • Assign vulnerability treatments to relevant stakeholders and track implementation to completion
  • Visualize your organization’s vulnerabilities by status and criticality through pre-built reports

Seamlessly Integrate Vulnerability Data

  • Intake vulnerability records via Risk Cloud Integration, a custom integration, or a CSV export of your organization’s vulnerabilities
  • Centrally manage vulnerability information and assess impact on your organization
  • Pre-built forms, workflows, and reports ensure scanned vulnerabilities are actively addressed
Seamlessly Integrate Vulnerability Data

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