About OpenAI and Risk Cloud®

OpenAI helps businesses safely implement AI technology, scale content generation, and quickly solve complex problems with AI-powered systems and models like GPT-4. When integrated into purpose-built Risk Cloud Applications like Policy & Procedure Management, you can quickly generate policy documents to accelerate policy management processes – without leaving the platform.


Why Integrate With OpenAI


Expand your policy knowledgebase

OpenAI’s ChatGPT combines thousands of policy examples and best practices and infuses them into your company’s documents to jumpstart your policy generation and review process.


Improve workflow efficiencies

Avoid writing policies from scratch and move directly into review and approval by generating draft policy and procedure documents with just a few clicks.


Centralize policy change management and storage

With Risk Cloud, you can create, track, and store every policy and procedure document in one location – including a history of every policy revision and approval.

Integration Capabilities

Expected Time to Implement

The OpenAI Policy & Procedure Risk Cloud Connector requires 10 Integration Services hours. Please contact your LogicGate Account Team to discuss custom integrations requiring additional capabilities not listed above.

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