LogicGate’s Risk Cloud Named a Leader on G2 Fall 2021 Grid

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We are happy to announce that we were again named a Leader in the G2 rankings for Fall 2021. That makes it nine consecutive quarters now! While we are proud of this achievement, we want to make sure our customers know that you have our gratitude for your support. Because it is your voices that drive this ranking and inspires us to continue to innovate, grow, and empower our clients. To be a Leader in the GRC products quadrant, you need to have the following:

  • Be highly ranked among G2 users (customer satisfaction and user reviews),
  • Have market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact),
  • And have substantial market presence scores

Here are just a few highlights that we are proud of that have been consistently part of our Leader placement:

  • 99% of users rated Risk Cloud 4 or 5 stars
  • 95% of reviewers rated Customer Support, Training & Learning, and Implementation as LogicGate’s highest-rated features
  • 94% of reviewers think Risk Cloud is headed in the right direction
  • 99% of reviewers said it was easy to do business with LogicGate

While we’re proud of all of these accomplishments, we’re especially pleased to know that our users feel supported by our incredible implementation, customer support, and training teams. We believe in empowering our customers to do their best work without being held back by old technology or expensive and time-consuming consultations, we strive to put your success first and we’re glad the feeling is mutual.

LogicGate is Constantly Striving to Raise the Bar

We will take this moment to reflect on our achievement, but we promise to not take too long. Every day our team makes it a point to challenge complacency and mediocrity. We do this for two main reasons: the first is that it takes so little to lose momentum, and we pride ourselves on being nimble and agile, and the second reason is that we believe change is inevitable. Those that live and work in the GRC space know change is constant. Risk posture, compliance, and regulatory requirements constantly change and evolve regardless of a company’s size.

We believe risk technology should be nimble enough so you can easily and quickly make changes as risks evolve, regulations change, and business priorities shift.

As you can see, your reviews and feedback inspire us to Raise the Bar to create solutions where our customers win continually and allow us to maintain our G2 Leader ranking.

So thank you! We appreciate you letting us be your Risk Transformation Ally.

To see more, please click here to download the full G2 Fall 2021 Grid report.

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